Crowdfunding campaign for the production of a new Mr. Freeman episodeYou can support the production of a new Mr. Freeman episode “Ode” by various means listed below. A bunch of perks and bonuses you will get as our gratitude for your investments can be found at the end of this page. Attention! After you have executed the payment for the benefit of the project (except for the transfer via with all the settings rendered automatically), kindly send an e-mail to the address with the indication of the payment means and amount. Also, specify your MFC-wallet number so that we can process the reverse payment.



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LTC: LRw1ERW3jJ678PnRbGZopUZ2ymQTMnQDJk accepts payments via VISA, Mir, Yandex.Money, online banks, QIWI-wallets and WebMoney, cash and mobile (MTS, Beeline, Megafon) payments, etc.

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Bank transfer

We accept wire transfers to our affiliates based in Cyprus and BVI jurisdictions. For any issues concerning wire transfer and relevant bank details please contact the following e-mail address:


===== Giveaways and perks =====


$2 / "A bit of MFC"




$10 / "Credit Diva"




$25 / "Artefact x1"




$30 / "Artefact x2"




$45 / "Tee of Choice"




$60 (38 pcs available) / " Signature Artwork"




$70 (20 pcs) / "Freeman’s Folio Signature Artwork"




$75 / "Tees and Artefacts"




$150 / "Complete Swag Set"




$750 / "Set with Authors’ Autographs"




Crowdfunding campaign for the production of a new Mr. Freeman episode

$7.500 (10 pcs) / "Freeland Citizenship"




$15.000 (1 piece) / "First Paperback Passport of Freeland"